Natural Ice Cream

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Natural Ice cream started as a drop converted into an ocean in a quick span of time. It deals with ice cream manufacturing and also has several stores in Mumbai, Nasik,Pune and Ahmedabad. It has a single manufacturing plant at Charkop from which ice creams are daily sent to all the outlets. The ice cream, which is made of natural flavor and also fruits should be consumed within 10 days of manufacture. The problem they faced was from the competitors, lacking innovation strategies, proper segmentation and targeting.

The problem in segmentation was they did not pick the right segmentations like Geographic segmentation, Psychological segmentation. In the case of Geographic segmentation they should have selected areas, which are always hot and where people are in want of cold stuff in order to make them feel comfortable. In Psychological segmentation the role of innovation i.e., various products that cater different needs of different age groups should have been started. For example: People who are old age above 50 should be provided with natural ice creams with fruits that are nutritious and healthy. Another example would be to target youngsters who are fond of ice creams and giving them trendy fruits like kiwi etc. Therefore Natural Ice cream should have done their segmentation in the areas of Geographic and Psychological.

The targeting should be based on the age i.e., for children from the age range of 7-14 should be influenced by ice creams and fruits which is most familiar to their age groups. The youngsters should be targeted with opening more parlors in the city and other cities, which will make their profits even more. They should also target people who are much inclined towards tradition as Natural ice cream has a traditional way of manufacturing ice creams.

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