Natural Fertilizer to Grow Mustard Plant: Effectiveness of Aquarium Waste Water Mixed with Wood Ash

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of aquarium waste water mixed with wood ash as a natural fertilizer in growing mustard ( Brassica integrifolia ) plant.
Mustard seeds were planted in a seed box and were watered daily. After 10 days of germination, mustard seedlings were selected and transplanted into 12 black plastic pots with the same type of soil and put on the same place. 4 set-ups were made and there were 3 replicates. Wood ash was collected from the wood burning stove while 3 teaspoons of synthetic fertilizer were dissolved in 3 liters of water. 6 liters of waste water were collected by siphoning it out from the aquarium where 3 liters of the aquarium waste water was stored in a clean covered plastic bottle for the whole duration of the study while the other 3 liters were mixed with 3 teaspoons of wood ash and were also stored in a clean covered plastic bottle for the whole duration of the study. The investigatory was carried out with 3 replicates per treatment. In the first treatment labeled as T1, 250 ml. of aquarium waste water mixed with wood ash was applied in each replicate. The second treatment labeled as T2, 250 ml. of dissolved synthetic fertilizer was applied in each replication while the third treatment labeled as T3, 250 ml. of aquarium waste water only was applied in each replication. There was no fertilizer applied in the remaining 3 pots labeled as T4. All these applications were done at weekly interval and the experimental pots were watered daily. ii

The plant height growth and the number of leaves were observed and gathered for 4 consecutive weeks. Comparison among means showed that the set-ups applied with aquarium waste water mixed with wood ash obtained significantly more height increase compared to the other treated set –ups and untreated control pots. T1 has a final mean height of 9.02 cm. T2 with 7.46 cm. T3 with 7.74 cm. and T4 with 6.09 cm. The results of the study were statistically analyzed...
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