Natural Evil

Topics: Evil, Sin, Bible Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Short Essay on Hamartiology

God created a world free of sin and where we could co-exist with wild animals, the lion with the sheep eating side by side and with us, without fear. I want to start form the beginning so we can understand how and when sin and evil entered the world. This happened when man (Adam) sinned against God; Adam disobeyed God by eating the fruit that God had said not to eat. There is way’s to see this problem of what we call evil, not sin since sin is against God. We can see in Job all the evil that came to him (it wasn’t from God but God let it happened) it was from Satan. Satan went in God’s presence and God told him about how Job’s faithfulness towards Him, and Satan replied because you have blessed him stretch out your hand and strike everything he owns and he would surely curse you in your face, and God responded everything he has is in your hand. We see that the evil that fell upon Job wasn’t the work of God but of Satan. After all the tribulation that Job faced, God then gave him twice as much that what he originally had. Do you think it was worth it? (Job1-42) The problem of evil is a phrase that means a series of such problems involving God and evil. One of the best examples is Job, as I mentioned earlier. When someone is doing Gods will we tend to get more attacked by Satan, another example of this is when Jesus tells Peter than Satan has asked to attack him and Jesus said that He prayed to the Father not to not let that happened but that He will strength his faith. This happened to us as well when we do the righteous thing for God, we get attacked, but with the attack we get stronger and our faith grows stronger, and we will receive blessings like Job. Look at gold, the process that it goes through to get pure; it needs to go through the fire in order to reach that stage. We need to go through fire in order to get pure. Moral law and natural law go hand in hand. What this means is that when you do something bad (sin) its...
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