Natural Envronment- Tyre Industry

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Natural environment is a term that includes all living and non-living things occurring naturally on earth . For the sustainability of the environment it is crucial that harmony is maintained between the living and non-living things. It is an asset to society as many industries depend on the environment as a source of raw materials , this in turn has however led to the degradation of our environment. Environmental concerns

The basic goal of environment conservation is management of the human use of natural resources so that the yield high sustainable benefits to the present generation , while maintaining their potential to meet the needs of future generations. Environmentalism advocates various actions and policies in the interest of protecting what nature remains in the natural environment . Some immediate concerns are:

1.Reducing pollution
2.Reducing consumption of non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum 3.Development of alternative , green ,low- carbon and renewable energy resources. 4.Preservation and judicious use of forests and plantations. In view of the rising environmental concerns several firms are now resorting to Corporate Environmentalism , which is the recognition of the importance of environmental issues faced by a firm and the integration of those issues into the firm’s strategic plans. Firms may need to design environmental products to perform as well as ( or better) than alternatives. They may add consumer desired values into environmental products. Firms across several industries have now started producing eco friendly products. TRENDS:

Disposal of wastes - The disposal of garbage in the world is a problem that continues to grow with the development of industrialized nations and the growth of population.. In India the government has been intervening in the process of waste management. Various laws like the New Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2000 , w.e.f January 2004 has made certain impacts but the impact has not been monumental. In the coming years both urban and the rural India will face severe problems of waste management. But a closer look reveals that the waste can also be treated and recycled taking advantage of its natural resources route. Thus waste can be wealth, and this concept will be very dominant by 2012. Recycling- involves passing a substance through a system such that the substance is rendered reusable. Recycling waste means fewer new products have to be produced and thus energy is saved. Pollution- involves the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment.It is a menace in the society and an ongoing concern . Pollution may be classified as air , water ,land and noise. In any form it has a debilitating impact on the society and its people. MEGA TRENDS

Depletion of natural resources: Depletion of natural resources like forests , coal , petroleum is now becoming a major concern with excessive use of primary raw materials like rubber and petroleum . The depletion of these resources can is an emerging problem and is becoming a continous threat. manufacturing process of tyres be it natural or synthetic rubber tyres has led to the depletion of resources like tropical rainforests ( in case of natural rubber tyres) and petroleum ( in case of synthetic rubber tyres) . Greenhouse emissions leading to global warming: The rise in emissions of green house gases like CO2 and methane due to defforestation , burning of fossil fuels , use of chloroflurocarbons ( CFCs) has triggered the issue of global warming. ( refer annexure 6) Likely changes by 2012:

Proper waste management and disposal of wastes such that ‘waste’ may become ‘wealth ‘Adoption of green technology by manufacturing industries . Green technology is used to explain a group of materials and technologies which is concerned with techniques for generating energy without releasing toxic products. TYRE INDUSTRY AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT

The origin of the Indian...
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