Natural Environment Zone

Topics: Nature, Natural environment, Ecosystem Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Natural Environment Zone
Natural environment zone is established by the developer of certain place in order to save the environment that is valuable to the place from being destroyed. The environment at the place that is being developed might be unique and can’t be found in another place. Apart from that, the natural environment zone objective is also to protect scenic values, provide recreation opportunities in a largely undisturbed natural environment area and also to maintain natural environment and it comes with high quality recreation experience for the tourist that visits the place. At the Bukit Lepoh waterfall, natural environment zone for the area are the forest, the river and also the waterfall itself. Although natural environment zone are supposed to be maintained in their natural condition, minimal amounts of appropriates recreational activities are being allowed to be done. For example, at the waterfall and also the river, activities such as swimming and picnicking can be done by the tourist. The same can be said for the forest at Bukit Lepoh. The forest there contains many beautiful and unique species of flora and fauna and it also contains a lot of wildlife. Activities that can be made by using the undisturbed forest are such as nature appreciation and also bird or wildlife viewing. All the activities mentioned can be done at the natural environment zone because it will not harm or destroyed the environment that contains many things that are vital and precious to the stability of the environment. Apart from the activities, there are also facilities that are being provided at the natural environment zone. It is being provided because it can useful to the tourist when they wanted to use the facilities such as toilets while they are in the forest. However, the facilities provided at the area are usually limited to the small areas and it is also compatible with the natural setting. This is being done because the developer or the owner of the place...
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