Natural Environment and Urbanization

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Some author believes that urbanization is a modern disease.Do u agree?? give your opinion.

There is , of course, no denying that the urbanization has been happening in a rapid pace in last few decades.There are people who think it is a positive development.However, I believe it is a negative trend because of its several dreadful impact on the planet we live in and on our traditional values.

Most people consider the urbanization has several detrimental effects on our natural environment. Human activities like industrialization, construction and use of natural fuels at a rapid rate are not only adding to Co2 emission, it is also creating an imbalance in the ecosystem as existing plants and animals are becoming extinct.Global warming,an important of the consequences of urbanization has disastrous future outcomes.Thus, Flood,tsunami,are few example of likely natural disaster that can happen with the rise in global temperature and melting glaciers.Apart from environmental problems, there are several social issues too that are attributed to urbanization.

In addition to the affects on nature, urbanization also touches social aspect of our life. Entities of our society like language, culture and traditional skills are being endangered because of this trend which is, in fact, a great loss to the cultural heritage of a region.For example, more people are acquiring modern skills to survive , as it is a demand of urbanization too, there are very few people who would do fishing or farming and these skills are disappearing .This loss of cultural heritage is almost inevitable and irreparable .

In conclusion, humans are so busy in building a comfortable life for themselves and are not able to see what a great loss urbanization is bearing.
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