Natural Environment and Nature

Topics: Natural environment, Life, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Beauty is everywhere. It can be pure and simple. Beauty can be found in the smallest places or when one is least expecting it. If something is beautiful, it is meant for people to stop and stare. Beauty should be appreciated. Beauty brings smiles to people’s faces, and in beauty people find happiness. Although it is often overlooked, Nature is the most beautiful thing of all.

People travel all over the world to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches nature has provided. The forest has always been a majestically place. And although the childhood image of talking animals and plants are unrealistic, there is still magic to be found in the beauty of the forest. In the forest, the trees are green and luscious, the leaves seem to create an umbrella overhead. The colors change with the seasons and each season brings a different image of beauty.

Nature can nurture and bring peace and comfort. Nature is often thought of as an escape from the business of life. The fact that it somehow gives a feeling of comfort and inner peace to those who appreciate its beauty, only confirms the great affect it can have on people and their delicate emotions.

God created the world for the people to live in. The beautiful nature it has will never been changed of anything else. The environment should be given importance, for example, its usefulness, especially, for man, and animals. Nature provides food and shelter which man and animals need to survive. Without it, they can’t live in this world with satisfaction. As long as the man is not satisfied, the world is in danger. Like scientists who was not stopping discovering things which man can use in the future for a better life? But as they make a high standard living, our environments will be affected. And as the environment affected, the man’s health will do also affected. The pollution will spread out and many other environmental problems will happen.

The human activities like illegal logging, illegal fishing, and quarrying...
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