Natural Environment

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Environment means all of the outside forces, events and things that act on a thing. A person’s environment is made up of everything that surrounds him or her, including houses, buildings, people, animals, lands, temperature, water, light and other living & non-living things. The environment does remain same at all times. It changes always due to ever-on-going interactions between various elements comprising it. The word environment is used to talk about many things. People in different field of knowledge use the word differently. Environment may be an individuals environment, natural environment or built environment.

Individuals Environment:- It refers to a persons environment which comprises of people, physical things, places & events that the person lives with. The environment affects the growth & development of the person. It affects the person’s behavior. It affects the persons body & mind.

Natural environment: - It refers to all of the natural materials and living things, including sunlight. It is made up of renewable natural resources like fish, sunlight & forests and non-renewable natural resources, which do not come back naturally, for example coal & natural gases.

Built Environment: - It refers to constructed surroundings that provide the settings for human activity ranging from large-scale civic surroundings to the personal places.

In todays times due to industrial growth & other developments, the environment is getting polluted. The extent of pollution varies from place to place. In many places in world the extent of pollution is so high that people have become aware of it and have started to take steps to control the same. To draw the attention of people towards the pollution, UNO celebrates WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY every year. This day draws the attention of people about this problem & what is being done to protect environment from various types of pollution & make world a better place to live....
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