Natural Disasters Impacts

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Natural disaster, Crime Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Do natural disasters have an impact on crime rate? It is obvious that this type of event is not taken lightly. Some are not prepared, when everything is lost and they don’t have so much as a dollar to their name it can get tough. Many experience gruesome hardships, such as hunger, sickness, and even death. The death toll varies in different disaster situations but the number is still high. Many are left homeless whole families, with young children and nothing to fall back on nowhere to go. Not everyone has access to natural disaster insurance and some don’t bother to pay for it thinking they won’t need it. The amount of money used to repair destroyed homes, businesses’, and shelter and feed people comes out costly. “According to the Annual Disaster Statistical Review, in the year 2007 alone natural catastrophes cost the world at least $74,985.26 million and affected over 211,216,415 people worldwide.” (1) Help does not always arrive on time and sometimes not enough is given. The outcome after a disaster leaves many in panic and desperate, even more if they see that the Government is not doing anything or little about the situation, leaving many impatient and outraged. After all it is the responsibility of the Government to get emergency aid for those that need it as quickly as possible. This causes many to rebel to get the Governments and media’s attention. Leading to the crime rate going up from victims trying to make a statement, and others trying to survive by getting by with anything they can get their hands on, even it means having to steal and hurt others to get it. In 2010 catastrophe struck in Haiti when they were hit by a 7.0 M earthquake. Multi aftershocks followed the earthquake. And about three million people were affected, around 316,000 died, 300,000 were injured and a shocking 1,000,000 were left homeless. The small country was left in ruins. Not able to support and help their people the United Nations lent a hand by pledging funds, dispatching...
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