Natural Disasters

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Police, Natural disaster Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: November 8, 2012

Natural Disasters

The government has come under fire quite a few times following natural disasters. Their main responsibility in response to these disasters is to provide the tools citizens in the affected area need to recover as quickly as possible. The first and most important response is to food and water needs of the displaced. The communication of the distribution location has proven to be difficult to find out immediately after the destruction takes place. Also, extended shelter seems to be a problem for the underprivileged, and knowledge on how to obtain it from the government after the catastrophe. The most important responsibility of the government seems to be law enforcement, although there may be a lack thereof immediately after. Once the obvious issues have been addressed, it’s time to start thinking about research on how to prevent these disasters from happening in the first place.  

            The first and most obvious components needed to sustain life in any part of the world are food and water. We may take these for granted; but, after a natural disaster, supplies tend to become scarce and the people lacking will need help. The government will usually set up food and water distribution centers around the city. The problem with this is that too often the people who need it most are often unable to receive these supplies. According to “Assuring Environmental Justice for All” (Bullard) “If a community happens to be poor, black, or of color, it receives less protection than does an affluent white community”. There have been mandates to protect all American citizens while ensuring equality in other areas of the law. These orders have not yet transferred to the government’s mind frame concerning natural disasters.


            The next focus should concern shelter for the recently homeless. The government has made strides toward what it will do for massive disaster in recent years. In 2011, the deadliest natural disaster...
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