Natural Disaster

Topics: Flood, Storm surge, Local government Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: December 17, 2012
There have been many natural disasters that have occurred in my city in the past. I live in Yardley and our area usually is not affected by natural disasters. However, disasters such as floods or small tornadoes do happen occasionally, in fact, I experienced one when I was around 8 years of age. During the peak rainy season in Yardley and areas that surrounded the Delaware River there was major flooding. Our city was majorly affected by the natural disaster and small businesses and houses near the river had suffered the most. After the flooding, it was clear that the city and county government had to develop a plan to combat flooding in the future.  My house is near the canal—you can see it from our backyard and during the time of the major flooding the swamp land behind our house looked like a small lake. The water that engulfed the swamp was literally 4 to 5 feet high and the water almost encroached on our house. Locally, our house was on a hill but many people in the area suffered worse fate. The houses and restaurants in Yardley and on the Delaware River were flooded. The flooding was so bad in Yardley that it went all the way to the main street of the town, which is about half a mile from the river. The police and authorities had to shut down the whole town in order to stop the flooding. After 2 long weeks the flooding had started to retreat back into the Delaware River.  The damages of the flooding in Yardley totaled tens of millions of dollars. Small businesses and home owners were hit the hardest. Many of them didn’t have insurance and had to spend money from their own pocketbook to make repairs. However, this was a learning lesson for our community; they became better prepared for flooding by raising their houses and businesses on stilts and buying flooding insurance. The local government also planned on building a better drainage system in the town to help combat the ever growing concern of future flooding in the Yardley area. 
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