Natural Causes of Climate Change

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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1.Natural causes of climate change within the model are livestock (cows) producing methane gas. Human-made causes that can be seen are deforestation for crops, homes, and businesses. Pollution from cars and planes realeases CO2 into the air and the use of electricty to run the homes and businesses creates greenhouse gases. From 1775 till today, cars and planes have been created and contribute to green house gas production. The population has increase and more crops and homes have been built. Oil drilling and cration of factories and power plants have also been added to our world since 1775. The module predits that our population will double and their will be even more green house gases being trapped by our ozone layer. 2.According to the model and other readings, carbon dioxide contributes the most pollution resulting in climate change. CO2 has always been in the atmosphere naturally to allow for some heat to be reflected, but with the creation of cars, planes and other fossil fuel reliant items, such as electricity, the amount of CO2 produced has increased and its relfecting for sunlight back onto earth and releasing less. Deforestation also has contributed to the CO2 increase. When trees are burned, the carbon they store within them is released. The more CO2 relaeased allows for more CO2 to become trapped in the oxzone allowing more heat reflection , increasing temperature. 3.The increasing blanket of heat-trapping pollution increase with each time period on the model. In 1775 it was minute, and our current time period it practically doubles and in 2050 it almost doubles again. 4.Climate change has a significant effect on local weather patterns and, in turn, these changes can have serious impacts on human societies and the natural world. There are various impacts that occur on the climate such as stronger hurricanes, Scientists have confirmed that hurricanes are becoming more intense. Since hurricanes draw their strength from the heat in ocean surface...
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