Natu Paperral Energy and Resource

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Natural Resources and Energy Paper
People, Science, and the Environment SCI 256

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” (Gandhi, 2011) Did Gandhi have foresight into the destructive ways of humans? Earth seemed to have endless amenities that would take humans a lifetime to consume. With the abundance of these amenities, have humans failed to conserve and nurture nature’s gifts in the name of greed? In this paper, the subject to identify and discuss will be the effects that a growing human population may have on the marine ecosystem’s resources, including loss or harm to population of wild species; discuss one management practice of sustainability and conservation of natural resources in the marine ecosystem. Finally, the paper will identify is the risks and benefits of extracting or using one type of nonrenewable and one type of renewable energy resource from the marine ecosystem. From a distance in space humans look at this planet called Earth. Earth covers the massive blue oceans of life. Planet Earth humans call home consist of numerous types of land and marine species from the deepest part of the ocean to the clear shallow water of sandy beaches that lie within an ecosystem. The marine ecosystem is so complex but at the same time it is not complicated. Humans cannot see creatures with the naked eye but can spot a massive blue whale from a distance; this ecosystem is known as Marine Life. Many different species live in balance within the ecosystem; however, individual species cannot sustain life without the other. Humans have ruined the balance of life within the marine ecosystem, and as a result, the ecosystem may disappear or become extinct. As the human population expands, the consumption demands increase which threaten marine life. Fisheries are diminishing; sharks are caught and killed for their fins and whales for their blubber, and continual human disasters such as oil spills will decimate the ecosystem before marine life can reproduce. The bluefin tuna fish is on the extinction list and humans are reluctant to contribute to species reproduction. China and Japan consume bluefin tuna more than any other nation on earth. Considering that bluefin extinction is at an all- time high, the value amount of this tuna has soared into a multi-billion dollar business within international markets. Bluefin tuna is a prime example of how humans contribute to an unbalanced marine ecosystem, and is at the tip of the iceberg for extinction. Other marine species are also in danger of becoming extinct. If an individual species is eliminated, other species will slowly disappear as well. This chain reaction can be referred to as, cause and effect. Some researchers and scientists have agreed that life starts in the oceans and if oceans parish, so will life. Humans depend on the resources oceans provide from food to entertainment. Should food supplies become depleted or resources become scarce, the human population will be impacted. Humans are the cause of marine pollution and the effects of ocean dumping have gone unrecognized for years. Humans continue to dump high concentrations of heavy metals, bacteria materials, chlorinated petrochemicals, and inorganic nutrients into the ocean, which has resulted in severely depressed oxygen levels.   Humans have taken for granted the importance of marine ecosystems and the capacity to combine and disseminate substance and made it an appropriate and harmless area to deposit harmful waste materials. Years of dumping have resulted in specific areas of the marine environment to become polluted as these ecosystems have absorbed dangerous contaminants. The Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act management practice was implemented and passed by Congress on October 23, 1972 (Virginia State Department, 2011)....
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