Natives from Australia

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Australia day
In the beautiful country Australia, lives a culture where is almost forgotten. A lot of us Europeans actually don’t know. Isn’t it the British who lives in Australia? Which culture is almost forgotten?

If you see back in the past 200 years, you would know that the British people actually did. There was a culture before the British arrived and clamed Australia as a British land. Now days we call them Australians Aborigines, but they are the real people of the country. It is the Aborigines who lived there for thousands of years. For some people, Australia Day can be a day of griefs or it can be a day of nationalism. For the British some important events happen on this day. Australia Day can mean many things to different people. British-Australians celebrate the history of their nation by coming together to observe everything wonderful about Australia on January 26th. January 26th is actually clamed as a holiday. The history of this holiday has been a very long one from way back in the late 1700’s. “On the morning of 26 January 1788, Phillip, with a group of officers, marines and some convicts, went ashore to raise the English flag, drink a toast, and fire a volley of shots. It also explains when Australia was founded and by whom. In December 1790, after Aboriginals had speared one of his servants, Governor Phillip decided on a punitive raid on the offending tribe ‘in order to convince them of our superiority, and infuse a war. For the Indigenous people of Australia, their history hasn’t been the best. The Indigenous Australians have had a rough past with loss and suffering. For many Indigenous Australians 26th of January is an occasion to reflect on past loss and suffering. I think that the Indigenous people also reflect on the bravery and courage their ancestors had. Today, Australia Day serves both as a day of celebration for the founding of the white British settlement.
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