Native Son

Topics: Anger, Family, Murder Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Summary of Native Son
In Richard Wright’s novel Native Son, is divided into three sections “Fear” “Flight” and “Fate”. In “Fear” we are introduced to Bigger, the protagonist who lives in the Black Belt neighborhood in Chicago. Immediately we see that Bigger is poor, he lives in a ghetto area and hasn’t moved out of the family apartment. Bigger is bitter tow ards his own family due to their poverty. He tries to hide his fears by being a bully and using violence. Bigger’s mother, Mrs. Thomas, tells Bigger he needs to stop fooling around with his gang but that only creates antipathy towards his own mother. Bigger’s options are limited, he has barely any opportunities to succeed in making enough money for his family. Luckily he gets a break when his mom tells him of a job offering by Mr. Dalton, the owner of the Black Belt projects. Bigger would have to chauffer Mr. Dalton and unfortunately only excels Bigger’s resent leading him to try robbing a deli. However he is too afraid and projects his fear into anger towards his friend Gus. The quarrel against Gus leads Bigger to get kicked out of his own gang. Now Bigger realizes he should take the chauffer job and try to mingle with the rich people. In “Flight” Bigger goes out to dinner one night with Mary, Mr. Dalton’s daughter, and Jan, Mary’s boyfriend. This night causes havoc for Bigger because of Mary being drunk it accidently leads to her own death. Bigger then tries to cover up his tracks and Bessie, his girlfriend, is caught in the middle of the action. Bessie is horrified that Bigger killed Mary but believes Bigger to be a good man. Bigger ends up having sex with Bessie and then kills her. In “Fate” Bigger is tracked down by police the next day and beaten down. He is thrown in jail and tried for the murder. Mrs. Thomas visits her son in jail and wishes he pray for God’s help. Bigger is even offered help from Jan, Mary’s beau, but Bigger is sentenced to death. All in all in the end Bigger is actually seems to...
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