Native Son

Topics: Kill, Murder, South Africa Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Native Son
Topic #2
Throughout the novel, Native Son, Bigger is seen as being a sympathetic character by many readers. “He hated his family because he [Bigger] knew that they were suffering and that he was powerless to help them” (Wright 10). This shows how Bigger acknowledges his family suffering and he wanted to help, but he really couldn’t do anything about it. However, Bigger killed a white girl, Mary and shows no signs of regret, he purposely raped his girlfriend, Bessie, then he heartlessly killed her, , and after all that he has done and the crimes he committed, he states that he feels good about what he had done and he felt like a new born man. Therefore, these things that Bigger has done and the way he is portrayed shows how much of a villain he is and how he is not a sympathetic character.

In “Native Son,” Bigger kills Mary, not purposely, but for the purpose of not getting caught in being in the room with her alone. After he had killed her, he did not really show any signs of regret, but devising a master plan to get rid of the body. The fact that, “there was a terrified pride in feeling and thinking that one day he would be able to say publicly that he had done it”(Wright 101) gives reason that he felt no guilt in his crime and is evidence that proves he does not deserve sympathy. Bigger seeks comfort after committing his crimes and meets with his girl, Bessie, and begs for her help. Bigger tells Bessie everything about how he had murdered Mary and saw that she was scared, but Bessie was with him from the beginning and she even told him. Even though she was using him for the money a in the middle of the story, she still remained there for him no matter what. Her fear of being with a killer got to him and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. “If you killed her you’ll kill me’, she said. ‘I aint in this… You told me you never was going to kill.’ ‘All right. They white folks they done killed plenty of us.’ ‘That don’t make it right.’” (Wright...
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