Native Animals of Asia

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Native animals of Asia

Treeshrews : native to the tropical
forest of Southeast Asia.

Spalacidae : native to eastern Asia,
the Horn of Africa, the Middle
East, & south-eastern Europe.

Civets : native to the tropics of
Africa and Asia.

Natural Wonders

Mt. Everest : On the Nepal-Tiber border
looms the world’s highest peak, Mt.
Everest (29,028 ft.), along the Himalayan

Dead Sea : The world’s lowest land area is
the Dead Sea (303 m. below sea level),
which is actually a salt lake in the Israel
Jordan border.

Pacific Ocean : The largest ocean is the Pacific which washes the eastern shores
of Asia.

Philippine Deep : The world’s deepest
ocean depth is the Philippine Deep
(10,918 m. below the sea level), along
eastern Mindanao.

Indonesia : The world’s largest archipelago
is Indonesia, consisting of more than
3,000 islands with a total area of 714,030
square miles.

Caspian Sea : The Caspian Sea (143,550 square miles in area) in Siberia is the
largest lake (inland sea) on earth.

Lake Baikal : Lake Baikal (5,710 feet deep),
also in Siberia, is the world’s deepest lake.

Bay of Bengal : The largest bay in the world
is Indian’s Bay of Bengal, with a shoreline
of 2,250 miles.

Strait of Malacca : The world’s longest strait
is the famous Strait of Malacca (between
Malaysia and Indonesia) which extends for
485 miles.

San Juanico Strait : The narrowest strait in
the world is the San Juanico Strait
between the islands of Samar and Leyte
in the Philippines.

Man-Made Wonders

The Great Wall of China is the most
colossal edifice ever fashioned by
human hands. It was built by Emperor
Shin Huang Ti (220-221 B.C.) as a
defensive rampart against the
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