Native Americans vs Puritans

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  • Published : April 23, 2008
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Native Americans and Puritans

Religion was very important to both Native Americans and Puritans even though both were significantly different from one another . Native Americans believed every one was the same no individual was better than the other. Puritans believed that God had chosen a numbered of individuals to join him in heaven . Since the first contact between Native Americans and Puritans both parties formed opinions about one another. Puritans first viewed Indians as either barbaric or noble savages. Native Americans views had divisions, in between their tribes some Indians initially believed Europeans were liberators, others did not passively accept Spanish rule. Many violently resisted.(Encarta Encyclopedia) The Native tribe the Iroquois's creation story begins when there was an island, floating in the sky, in which the Sky People lived in . They lived quietly and happily. No one ever died or was born or experienced sadness. However one day one of the Sky Women realized she was going to give birth to twins. She told her husband, who flew into a rage. In the center of the island there was a tree which gave light to the entire island since the sun hadn't been created yet. He tore up this tree, creating a huge hole in the middle of the island. Curiously, the woman peered 2

into the hole. Below, she could see the waters that covered the earth. At that moment her husband pushed her. She fell through the hole, tumbling towards the waters below. Water animals and birds already existed on earth. Once the woman fell out of the sky, two birds spotted her and rushed to catch her right before she hit the water. All the animals were determined to save the woman, they dove into the water to try and retrieve mud from the bottom of the sea,but almost all of the animals failed,except for the little toad, he filled up his mouth full of mud and succeeded. All the animals took mud and spread it on the back of a huge turtle the mud began to grow and grow until it...
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