Native Americans of the Colonial Time

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  • Published : November 13, 2011
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Way before Christopher Columbus had discovered the New World, there was a group of people who already lived there. This group of people is now known as Native Americans, or Indians, as Columbus came to call them. When he first set foot on the New World, Columbus thought he had reached India, but instead, he had actually reached what later would be called the Caribbean. The indigenous people whom he encountered there were amicable and peaceful to him and his people, unlike the ones the Pilgrims who came from England, found in what would be Plymouth Plantation. Although at first the Native Americans in Plymouth Plantation were seemingly hostile, they ended up being rather helpful to the British colonists. They helped facilitate the colonization of North America by acting as teachers to the colonists, being allies in war with them, and also working as slaves for them to a certain degree.

The Native Americans at Plymouth Plantation, though at first hostile to the colonists, actually ended up being of great help, as they became teachers of all sorts to the British. They helped the colonists in getting used to the environment, giving them new crops, such as squash, tomatoes, and corn, and teaching them new farming techniques (Native American Agriculture). As William Bradford wrote in Of Plymouth Plantation, one Native American, Squanto, was especially helpful: “He directed them how to set their carne, wher to take fish, and to procure other comodities, and was also their pilott to bring them to unknowne places for theirprofitt, and never left them till he dyed” (Davis). In the first winter, half of the population that came to Plymouth had already died as a result of the brutal temperatures that they were not used to (Davis). However, Squanto, with his invaluable knowledge of the land was a great asset to the remaining colonists. The Native Americans employed the “Three Sisters” farming technique where squash, maize, and beans were planted together on the...
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