Native Americans in the United States and Pocahontas Incident John

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The Pocahontas Incident
John Smith

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Understanding author's biography and his work
Understanding Pocahontas's biography
Answer three impotant questions about his work

A. John Smith's biography

John Smith (1580 – 1638) had have a heroic life since he was not only a English soldier but also became explorer and author. He contributed a part of his life to be the Captain of the first ship which made a landfall at Massachuselts in 1602 to explore New England. He was also memorized for the founder by setting up the English settement at James Town, Virginia.

John Smith's life experienced many adventures when he was an adolescent in Europe. His life time had been through many coups such as fighting with the Turk, becoming a slave which was sold to Asia Minor, killing his captors... At twenty-seven years old, hesailed to New Wold and explored the Chesapeake Bay, the shores of New England. He also got a friendly relationship with Native Americans.

Moreover, he also was a famous writer and made some well-known books included A True Relation (1608), A Map of Virginia with a Description of the Country (1612), The General History of Virginia, New-England. The Pocahontas story appeared in the Summer Isles (1624). John Smith had been probably offer an important role to the first colonial writing in America.

B. About the work:

This work described the episode that John Smith had been saved by the princess Pocahontas since he was captured and in the hands of Indians. This account was narrated by “him” - the third person to told the audiences how the story happened. There were some detaited we should pay attention to this work: Who were the characters? John Smith, Powhatan, Pocahontas

How many other Indian people were at the judiscation? more than two hundreds Where did the judiscation happen? Meronocomoco, Virginia
How did it happen? Firstly, John Smith was brought to meet Powhatan and his courtiers. When he was prepared to be killed, Pocahontas had saved him by getting “his head in her arms” and laying “her own upon his” (p.43). Two days after, John Smith was led to a great house and was going to be fired, Powhatan absolve him from death and “esteem him as his son”– called “Nantaquoud” (p.43) Why was he alive? Thanks to the Pocahontas's altruistic, he had been rescued.

New words:

bravery (n) sự lộng lẫy, sự ăn mặc sang trọng
robe (n) áo choàng
train (n) đoàn tùy tùng
bedeck (v) trang hoàng, trang điểm, trang trí
babarous (a) dã man, man rợ
contented (a) bằng lòng
disguised (a) trá hình, cải trang
mat (n) tấm thảm, rèm
esteem (v) quý mến

C. Pocahontas's Biography:

1. What is the major in Pocahontas’s life?
Matoaka was the beautiful and lively daughter of Powhatan, ruler of the land that the English named Virginia. "Pocahontas" was her childhood nickname, translated as "little wanton," meaning she was playful and hard to control. When she was born, Powhatan sent her mother home to her own village, to raise Pocahontas. That was his custom. When she was about school age, Pocahontas left her mother to live in her father's capital, with her older brothers and sisters. As they grew up, Powhatan appointed some as chiefs of his other tribes. Pocahontas became her father's favorite, "the apple of his eye".

In this new account, his capture included the threat of his own death: "... at the minute of my execution," he wrote, "she [Pocahontas] hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save mine; and not only that, but so prevailed with her father, that I was safely conducted to Jamestown."[Eight years later, in his Generall Historie, Smith expanded upon the story. Writing about himself in the third person, he explained that after he was captured and taken to the paramount chief, "two...
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