Native Americans compare to US beliefs

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  • Published : August 24, 2014
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The world we live in today is far more complex and variegated, compared to past civilizations and cultures. As time passed, the world population increased and a variety of completely diverse cultures formed. Even though some cultures are completely different, every single one of them has two things in common, a past history and some form of a belief system. Among all of the cultures in this world, one of the most unique and fascinating are the Native Americans. The ancestors of today's Native Americans often explained their beliefs through their phenomenal stories. Probably one of the most commonly used subject among many Native American tribal stories is the creation of the earth, which was visualized differently throughout the many tribes.One of the many famous theories or belief stories in other societies is the Big Bang theory, which represents the creation of the earth on a scientific level or mindset. Throughout history, these theories truly impacted the foundation for many people’s cultures, traditions, belief systems, or simply the way they process information. Moreover, when comparing different theories as the Big Bang with the creation of the earth stories from the different Native American tribes, many similarities and differences come to surface. Most of the Native American stories are based upon the believe of a higher power or a spiritual creator which originally created the world people live in. “Long, long ago, the Creator, the Great Chief Above, made the world. Then he made the animals and the birds and gave them their names.” Even though the Natives are spread out into different tribes, they all have different forms of some sort of a spiritual or magical creator, which developed the earth. The Big Bang Theory, unlike all the native American spiritual stories, is based on a proved hypothesis with concrete information and many explanations, which makes this story or theory an exact fact. “Scientists have discovered what Albert Einstein predicted...