Native Americans

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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6HAMILTONSeptember 14 - 11

I really liked your speech about the new school year, so I decided that I should write about it. This is a letter that I’d like Barack Obama to read. The author’s purpose in this speech is to inform students about the school year that’s arriving at the high school. Obama went to the Wakefield High School’s student’s parents to make sure that they are ready for the new school year. He told the parents that he wants the students to get their homework done each night, instead of spending the homework time on TV and Xbox. He said that because the time for that was during the summer which was finished. Mr. President also went to all of the professors. All he wanted to tell them was to make sure to push the students so they could be a good source for the United States. Lastly he told the students that he wants to see high grades from freshmen to seniors. I have two small questions for Mr. President. In your speech he said that his mother home school him. He had to wake up at 4:30 each morning and go to class which was in his house kitchen. The reason why he had to do that was because his mother didn’t have enough money to pay for him to go to an American school. Here is my first question is: “How did you feel back then?” His mother homeschooled him Obama's house kitchen which is a disadvantage compared to others that went to a normal public or private school. Also his mother was teaching him. Also his dad left him when he was two years old. So my question is: “Did you feel like you had a disadvantage, become the president compared to others?"

In Mr. President’s speech you mentioned a lot of jobs people want to become in the future. One of the jobs he mentioned was architect. I...
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