Native American Tribe

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  • Published : February 8, 2014
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a) My tribe is: Kersee = land seekers
b) Flag

‘‘Kerseene’’ chief god, the god of heaven
“Wanganash” god of the War
“Matanga”god of life
“Teriyaki” god of the Water
“Chiwata” god of agriculture
“Lachineit” god of night

c) Leader of the tribe is Kerwamatechila = Son of the gods that they believe

d) Social Structure

e) Political structure

f) Economy Sources/Agriculture

Agriculture is based on the cultivation of corn, rice and lettuce. They hunt buffaloes, horses and rabbits.
They fish salmon.
Sell and exchange the harvest, salmons and animals to other tribes.

g) Location - Located in the eastern south-central US


h) Population

Is a small tribe of 1,346, divided as follow:


i) Religion
Polytheists, believing in many gods (the sky, life, war, water, night and agriculture). The priests were intervening between the gods and the tribe. They performed various rituals in which dance and invoke the gods for different things. For example, rain, war, the birth of a new member of the tribe, harvesting, etc… j) Language

Their primary language is English, but in their tribe they use a dialect called Kernishka.

k) Cultural Aspects

Cone - shaped, beak-ended, always thinking of the gods. Made of straw and animal skins. Decorated with seeds Clothing
Men - wear shorts during the summer, in winter wear long pants and blankets for the cold cover made ​​from the skins of the animals they hunt. Women - wear long skirts and shirts decorated with many colors. Braids are made. They wear moccasins. Food

Their diet is based on corn, beans, meat, buffalo and bison. Their main dish is Nachun, which is made from corn and buffalo meat wrapped in lettuce leaf.

l) Gender roles

Men -...