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Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Immigration to the United States Pages: 5 (1642 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Joshua Robbins
History 160C1
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Josh Robbins
Invisible Native Americans

America was developed out of struggle and many people died in the pursuit of its economic and social transformations. Racial statuses in America have been imprinted on American culture and taught through the history of anything but a true American’s perspective. History did not start when a group of individuals chose to make documentation explaining social, economic, or political events; it began as soon as life was created in each race, not simply when one race began documenting the other. As Europeans immigrated to America, they began to settle and create colonies amongst neighboring Native Americans, which would ultimately lead to a drastic culture change. The Genocide which Europeans lead in the Americas was for the best intentions for Europeans, but Native Americans were racially profiled by the new established Government in America and these Native Americans didn't receive the protection of rights established in the Constitution.( Sturgis, Amy . "Chapter 1 Overview: The Trail of Tears as Turning Point." The Trail of Tears and Indian Removal (2007): 2.) Aside from bringing warfare and diseases that would kill thousands of people, Europeans almost completely extinguished the Native American culture and history when they arrived in America; all due to the fact that the Europeans failed to accurately interpret the Native American speech. European immigration to America had a significant impact on the outcome of American history because, despite the previous settlement of Native Americans in America, documentation of their history was misinterpreted, lost, and disregarded because it was not what Europeans felt were necessary or pertinent historical events.

In American history, Native American culture was once concealed, and the true nature of their history was blinded by the Bibles and the dominant European influences which slaughtered the origin of the Native American way of life. Europeans created their own colonies and began living amongst these Natives without the desire to communicate effectively, as that would require them to develop a strategy that would force them to “try” to interpret the Native American’s speech. Because of this lack of understanding, many disputes occurred, causing tension between the two parties. Nothing is for certain of what European explorers documented in American History, but all that was recorded had some type of European influence, rather than an outcome purely decided by the Native American culture.(Daniel K. Richters, Facing East From Indian Country: A Native History of Early America ( Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England, 2001):11. )

In the book The Enduring Vision, there is a discussion regarding the rise of the Atlantic World, which was when, "Europeans immigrated to the Americas with the intentions of introducing Christianity and civilizations to the "savages" and "pagans" in alien lands--and to increase their own fortunes and power."( Boyer, Paul et. al., The Enduring Vision. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning: Suzanne Jeans, 2013, 2009: 25. ) Though the intentions of spreading religion and civilization to other parts of the world were quite clear, the method seems to be in question. The Europeans had not formulated a plan that would allow them to communicate with the said “savages” and “pagans”, they had simply made a goal to spread their beliefs to any and all individuals they happened to run into. This lack of communication led to not only the prevention of the European goals being met, but also to the absence of pertinent information that would be missing in history for eternity regarding the native race that resided in America before all others arrived.
In Daniel K. Richters, Facing East from Indian Country, he depicts a picture staged in the early 1600's of the Native Americans facing to the East looking out over the Atlantic Ocean on the approaching European ships. Richters...
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