Nations Founding Canada

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Founding Nations
Canada was not founded by two nations. Canada was founded by many different cultures. When Canada started, I feel as if there were four different lifestyles and cultures that started Canada’s traditions and lifestyles.

One of the main founding nations of Canada is the French. The French people of Quebec specifically. This French community led a different lifestyle and had a different culture and from the French Acadians. The French speaking people of Quebec lived out their lives on their farms based upon the seigniorial system. These people were mostly Roman Catholic and believe heavily upon the churches influence on most communities and communal events. They tended to marry within the communities and frequently marry underneath the banner of the Catholic Church. They maintained their large family traditions, often having more than five children.

The second group of French speaking people that helped found Canada were the Acadians. These French speaking people helped found the Maritime Provinces and contributed to the way their farms are arranged and organized, they way they drain their swamps to farm the land and the way they speak. Unlike the French of Quebec, the French of the Acadians is not as proper. They have a more laid relaxed way of speaking. The Acadians had strong ties with the natives in the area. This meant that they had good trade links and strong allies. These alliances allowed close interactions with the natives of the area, this breed a distinct French language, incorporating parts of the native speech, causing a mix of cultures forming one culture. This brought about a distinct lifestyle as well. They had strong communities, their own food style and even their own brand of music. Even after their deportation, the Acadians who remained shaped the culture and lifestyle of the Maritime Provinces.

The English nation that helped shaped Canada’s culture is divided into two parts, the British immigrants and the American...
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