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Topics: 2005 Cronulla riots, Riot, Australia Pages: 7 (2198 words) Published: October 9, 2012
4.(i) Table 13
4.(ii) Table 2:4
4.(iii)Table 35

Surrounding an issue of your choice, how does the media help circulate particular Understandings of Australia as an imagined ‘community’?

Event: December 2005 Cronulla Race Riots
Author: Hope Blazely
On December 11, 2005 the Sydney beach-side suburb of Cronulla was subject to the worst race riots and ‘revenge raids’ in Australian history. Its origins lay in the mutual suspicions of an Anglo-Celtic surfing culture espousing ‘Australian values’ and Lebanese youths of ‘Middle Eastern appearance’. The explosive outburst had been fed for some time by the politics of fear and suspicion with respect to Muslim / Middle Eastern other, public concerns about attitudes towards women, and media populism. Those Australian values defended were at times linked with a residual Christian influence. Introduction:

The Cronulla riots have been described as the worst racial riots since Australia abolished the White Australia Policy (Newspaper articles). As a result of the Australia’s Multicultural identity which is portrayed to the rest of the world was questioned when they see the angry out-bursts between people of different ethnic backgrounds. “Humans are territorial, drawing a sense of security, comfort and identity from their immediate locality. As a result, common-sense understandings of shared space and mutual identity often emerge, which are not connected to administrative boundaries” (Valentine G 2001, p112). In the context of the 2005 Cronulla Riot this can been seen in the way that the resident of Cronulla felt a sense of security in that fact it was a predominately white society, which they perhaps felt was threatened with those of Middle Eastern Appearance. Valentine also discusses Benedict Anderson’s concept of imagined communities which stated that while not everyone within one community or nation will not know, see or even hear everyone within that nation or community they still identify with a similar idea of what that nation or community’s identity is (p124). Methods:

This report uses content analysis to examine the idea of ‘community’ surrounding an event and the way that the circulation of media can help to convey the complex idea of ‘community’. Content Analysis is an approach to the analysis of documents that seeks to quantify the content in the terms of predetermined categories, in a systematic and replicable way. For the purpose of this report the 2005 Cronulla Race Riots will be examined with the use of ten newspaper articles. The newspaper article’s come from the Australian, The Age, and The Sydney Morning Herald as well as well as two international papers being the Times and the Boston Globe/Washington post. Results:

4.(i) Table 1
Article Title| Page Number| Number of Words| Size of headline in mm| Photograph| Number of days storyline ran| 1) Police ready as beachgoers urged to come back | | 404| | Yes| 2 months| 2) Race rioters ‘fear for lives’ after bail is refused| | 532| | No| 2 months| 3) Thugs ruled the streets, and the mob sang Waltzing Matilda| | 1318| | No| 3 months| 4) Neo-Nazis in race riots: police| | 869| | Yes| 3 months| 5) An angry ride into the dark side of mateship| | 945| | Yes| 3 months| 6) Cars smashed in Cronulla violence| | 1445| | Yes| 3 months| 7) Riots spur sou;-searching in Australia| | 818| | No| 1 day| 8) Culture War on the Beaches| | 1050| | No| 1 day|

9) Mob violence envelops Cronulla| | 1155| | Yes| 3 months| 10) Racist furore as mobs riot| | 704| | Yes| 1 month| 4.(ii) Table 2:
Article Title| Who used the idea of imagined community| Who is reporting the idea of imagined community| Voice of opposition to the idea of imagined community| 1) Police ready as beachgoers urged to come back| White...
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