National vs International Marketing

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Summer 2011

Differences between national and international marketing
The differences we found between national and international marketing are: the international environment is more complex, both have different economy, culture, laws and politics, language, economic development levels, currency, etc… The company faces an international competition, markets outside the borders and further input forms should be selected. Each of these involves a degree of commitment to the market, a particular investment and a lower or higher contact with the final customer and a coordination marketing plan must be carried out in each market. In international marketing we analyze different aspects; one is the stage of economic development of the nation. It also discusses factors such as customs of the population, market segmentation and social political system of the country. International markets are vital for many companies. A large number of corporations in the world earn more than half of the profits from the tax profits of marketing and production abroad. A company moves from domestic to the international market for several reasons. • The first is simply the existence of international markets. There is great demand for many consumer products in developing nations. • Second, as domestic marketing saturates, manufacturers seek for international markets. • Third, some overseas countries have very natural and human resources that give them a unique advantage when it comes to producing certain goods. • Fourth, international expansion is the fact of having a technological advantage. In one country a particular industry, often encouraged by the government and encouraged by the efforts of a few companies, acquired a technological advantage over the rest of the world. International markets rises exciting opportunities, but competition is intense. Companies get success from the...
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