National Service

Topics: Malaysia, Training, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: March 15, 2013
National Service should make compulsory to all youths because of its advantages. What is your view? Support your view and opinion in at least 350 words. “Baris, baris sedia !” , “Senang diri !” , these are the familiar commands we usually hear in the campsites of National Service . The Malaysian National Service was proposed in 2001 and started in 2004. In my view, I strongly believe that the National Service programmeme should be made compulsory to all youths in the country in order to develop positive thinking and values among them. Through National Service, they are able to be more independent, disciplined, proactive and patriotic. Nowadays, youths rely fully on their parents to help them to carry out their daily routine. However, in the National Service with the intended lack of facilities, youths are forced to stand on their own two feet and this will directly encourage them to be more independent. Being away from their hometown, our youths must wash their own clothes and solve problems by themselves. Therefore, through the National Service programme, it will instill positive thinking among youths and they would not easily give up in their life and will somehow find possible solutions to their problems. Besides that, youths will be more disciplined due to the strict rules in the camp. During the training camp, all the trainees are being taught to obey the rules and be more punctual. For instance, all the trainees are not allowed to use mobile phone unless emergency cases and they have to wake up at five in the morning to march around the field. There are a lot of rules and programmes set for them to follow and for those who disobey the rules will be reprimanded. Evidently, this programme also teaches youths to be more proactive and to possess social skills. They can make a lot of new friends and learn to communicate with each other although they are come from different states, of different race and religion. More importantly, youths are trained to work in...
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