National Public Private Partnership Policy

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I. Introduction
II. Management Reform Activity One- Schools Project
III. Management Reform Activity Two- Gold Coast Rapid Transit IV. Successes and failures
V. Summary of the lessons learnt and conclusions
VI. References

National Public Private Partnership Policy
The Council of Australia Governments endorsed the National Public Private Partnership Policy on November 29, 2008. All Australian, state and territory government agencies now apply the National Policy and Guidelines. This National Public Private Partnership Policy (National PPP Policy) provides a framework that allows public and private sectors to work together to improve public service delivery through private sector provision of public infrastructure and related services. The objectives of the National PPP Policy are to encourage private sector investment in public infrastructure and related services, to encourage innovation in the provision of infrastructure, and to develop accountability for outcomes.

The National PPP Working Group is leading the development of policy and process improvement for governments. It was the main driver behind the development of the National PPP Policy & Guidelines endorsed by the Council of Australia Governments in November 2008. The National PPP Working Group includes specialists in PPP policy and implementation from agencies in each state, territory and the Australian government, specifically from the finance, treasury or infrastructure sectors as well as Infrastructure Australia. Infrastructure Australia is a statutory body which is established under the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 affected of 9 April 2008. The agency advises governments, investors and infrastructure owners on different of issues such as the nation’s current and future infrastructure needs, financing infrastructure investments, as well as policies, pricing and regulations and their impacts on investment and on the efficiency of the delivery, operation and use of national infrastructure networks. Now, Infrastructure Australia is main source of information on National PPP matters (“About Infrastructure Australia.”) Management Reform Activity One- Schools Project

Seven new schools will be built as part of the PPP policy. The project is using a combination of private and public debt also known as the ‘Supported Debt Model’ to lower the cost for taxpayers. The model is a variation of the conventional PPP model that is fully privately financed. The Australian Government is investing $475.5 million in the Empowering Local Schools initiative over the next seven years, including $64 million in funding to roll out the initiative across 927 schools in 2012-2013. Through Empowering Local Schools, educational authorities and participating schools in the Australian Capital Territory have received over $2 million in total to help improve student outcomes in 12 schools. The funding will help enable principals, parents and school community to better run their schools (“Empowering Local Schools.”)

Each school received a direct budget for recruiting staff, giving principals greater flexibility to direct teaching and staff resources. Principals are able to recruit and manage their own staff in most cases, rather than staff being centrally allocated to schools, and teachers’ salary is based on an annual performance. The project also allowed establishing a Regional School Council to assist in developing relationships to better serve the regional school communities; as a result members of the community can be more involved in strategic decisions and actions affecting their schools. Another point is that the project enhanced and developed the performance management, and improved the capability of principals and schools to develop and lead self improvement, innovation and change through the introduction of a new educational approach (“Empowering Local...
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