National Musem in Bangladesh

Topics: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Liberation War Pages: 3 (559 words) Published: December 9, 2012
National Museum in Bangladesh
Specific Purpose:- To inform my audience about National Museum in Bangladesh. Central Idea:- National Museum of our old traditions and culture to learn more about our heritage helps. INTRODUCTION:-

The Bangladesh National Museum, originally established on 20 March 1913, albeit under another name, and formally inaugurated on 7 August 1913, was accorded the status of the national museum of Bangladesh on 17 November 1983. VISUAL FRAMEWORK BODY:-

* Gallery Floor Plan
* 1st Floor
* 1st room.
* 2nd room.
* 3rd room – 10th room.
* 10th room – 22nd room .
* 2nd Floor
* 3rd Floor
* Visiting Hours
* Entry Fees
* Bangladeshi Citizens.
* Citizens of SAARC Countries.
* Other Foreign Citizens.

After liberation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman proposed National Museum was extremely important. He told them “the time has come when our younger generation should know the actual history of the past sacrifices and resistance movements.” He began referring to Dhaka Museum as the National Museum. The museum is well organized and displays have been housed in several departments like : - department of ethnography and decorative art

- department of history and classical art
- department of natural history
- department of contemporary and world civilization.
Bangladesh National Museum is now housed in a four-storied building with a total floor space of 202,116 square feet. Gallery Floor Plan & Details
Ground floor
The ground floor consists of some old guns at the entrance and the hall where the people book their tickets or assemble to hear the history of the museum. The hall leads to a grand staircase. Beside the hall, there is a smaller room which also acts like the hall (it is also used by the guides to tell the visitors about the history) and a simple staircase. 1st floor

The 1st floor is divided into 22 rooms.
1st room...
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