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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Fort Sumter has to be one of the most historic national monuments in South Carolina. This fort has gone through a lot of history over the past years. I will inform you with some of the history behind this fort. The fort was appointed after the man called Thomas Sumter. He was conceived in 1734 and he past away in 1832. One of the main reasons why this fort is so famous is because its known as the first battlefield where gunshots started and it began the civil war. This fort had received an enormous amount of damage during the civil war because there were bombardments all over Fort Sumter. The biggest bombardment exploded in April 1861; in addition, around this time the fort was still being constructed the fort was formed in shape of a pentagon because it was believed that a fort has a better change of defending against outside intruders. What made it even better for the confederate army is that it was also built on the beach shore in the edge of the peninsula, so the union army had only one way of invading the fort. The fort was not actually finish when the civil war broke out. During the war the bombings almost destroyed half of Fort Sumter. After, the war was over architects, construction workers, and the U.S military did a great job at restoring the famous fort. This fort was one of the toughest forts to be taken by the union army there was so much bloodshed by the two armies it was unbelievable how many people died on that fort. This fort is located less than 3 miles away from Charleston. The fort use to have to major battles, so sometimes people from Charleston expected the battle from their rooftops. The reason for that is Charleston was so close to the beach that you could oversee the peninsula of the beach from your own home, so people knew what was going on in the battles they expected all the bloodshed that was going on at that time. Also, “one of the major battles that took place in Fort Sumter was the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Battle of Fort...
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