National Lottery Advert Analysis

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Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to analyse the National Lottery’s 25th Anniversary ‘Making Magic Happen’ advertisement in relation to the categories of age and ethnicity. The report will look at how, like all lottery advertisements, this advert is selling a dream to people of all ages, creed, ethnic group and gender. It will show how the advertisement accomplishes just that and how attractive it makes the lottery to everyone. This report will focus on the characters in the advert in respect of age and ethnicity and how they are represented and examine the importance of these characters. As there is no defined product for sale, apart from a ticket, nonetheless ‘the dream’ is a very powerful ‘want’ that the viewers are presented with. The report will focus on how the advert influences its’ audience to have a positive attitude towards playing the Lotto and create awareness of it being a pastime and perhaps a distraction from their worries, ultimately making everyone happy.

National Lottery Rainbow Advert:

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
National Lottery Rainbow Advert:1
The Characters4
The style of the advert and its focus4
The Impact of the advert on the audience5

This report will discuss the National Lottery’s vision of what they are trying to convey in their 25th Anniversary ‘Rainbow’ advert and how the advert achieves this. The advert may not be selling any ‘thing’ directly but making us aware of what they could provide and emphasizing our desire to have it. They do this by showing a great deal of happiness, something we all greatly desire in life. There is no new product or service to offer the audience or even special offers but the advert still manages to capture the attention of those watching it. So how is this accomplished? It is quite simply but ingeniously done with the visual content and easy listening song by an artist many generations loved. The soundtrack for 'Making Magic Happen' is the appropriately titled 'Pocketful of Rainbows', sung by Elvis Presley. Elvis is an extremely recognisable artist with record sales of over 400 million outside of the USA (Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., 2012) which again makes this advert appealing to most viewers regardless of their nationality. The National Lottery is not just an organisation set up with the purpose of selling lottery tickets, proceeds of ticket sales are intended for raising funds for good causes, on behalf of the Irish Government. Since the establishment of the National Lottery over €3.6 billion has been raised and allocated to worthwhile projects in the areas of Youth, Sports and Amenities; Health & Welfare; Arts, Culture & National Heritage, and the Irish Language (An Post National Lottery Company., 2011). This diversity is somewhat evident in their 25th Anniversary advert. The scene opens with an Arial view of our capital city on a sunny summers’ morning. This report will show how the National Lottery communicates their marketing message.

The Characters
The characters in the advert in relation to age are well mixed as it contains both young and old. Throughout the advert there continues to be a good balance of all ages with scenes of children jumping with joy and young couples holding hands and feeling happy through evidence of smiles and public displays of affection. Older people are shown relaxed and content as they watch the events unfold. The advert illustrates how the ‘magic’ and positive spirits are important to all age groups during a ‘quiet’ period in our economy, depicted in the beginning of the advert by empty streets and no sound. As the tugboats appear, which symbolises the National Lottery, they turn on their water cannons and instantly attract the attention of everyone around whether going to work or taking a stroll or seen just standing while passing...
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