National Kidney Foundation

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Paper 3 – National Kidney Foundation
Today November 16, 2012, I had an interview with Pier Merone who is the division president in southern California and Nevada of the National Kidney Foundation. We discussed a variety of issues regarding problems, solutions, and awareness of the lack of organ donors and kidney diseases in California. One of the problems that we addressed during the interview was how California has a wait list of 7 years compare to the national level which is only 4 years today. According to Pier Merone, the reason why the wait list is longer in California than any other state’s wait list is because California has a higher population than other states as well as affecting groups such as elderly people and ethnic groups such as Hispanics and African Americans. Some contributing factors include social economic status, financial problems, family history, and health care issues. I asked Pier Merone how the organization is currently addressing the health problem regarding the lack of organ donors and she explained that the National Kidney Foundation is trying to complete their program which is called end the wait. In the end the wait program, they are trying to gain living donors to donate their organs because when a person dies, it is sometimes hard to save the organs in time unless the person is in a coma at the hospital or right next to surgeons before they die. Although a person may be on top of the wait list, they may not have priority. The wait list works by first come first serve but, it also depends on the donor’s and recipient’s age, blood type, etc. For example, if an older person is up next on the wait list as a recipient but, the only available kidney donor is from a young person, that kidney will likely go to the next best young age appropriate recipient. This situation works vice versa. According to Pier Merone, she mentions that by doing this they can “match the life with

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the same age so an older person...
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