National Interest

Topics: International relations, Nation, State Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: May 26, 2012
National Interest

The world politics revolves round the term national interest. The history is as old as the history of world. The concept of National interest is indistinct and carries a meaning according to the milieu in which it is used by the states. The term national interest gained currency with the emergence of nation state system following the end of WWII, National interest become a tool to increase political control and the expansion of economic relations (Thompson, 1966). National interest is the long term and continuing ends established by states for which they manoeuvre and acts. All and sundry states are bound to procure these goals. Some countries of west Europe in order to gain their interest pursued the white Man’s burden policy. They regarded it their duty to uplift the deteriorated conditions of their brethren in yellow mans Asia or in the black man’s Africa. The political and strategic philosophers had classified national interest into diverse categories. The primary interests of a nation are the preservation of physical boundary, political system and cultural identity of the state against possible encroachments from outside powerful state. These interests are permanent and the state must guard them at all costs. No state would compromise on it rather employ all possible means to defend it. Any state compromise on this point will immerse in the pages of history. The state would boost its defence so that no inimical state, whatsoever powerful, may cast a dirty eye. The state which could not solidify their defence disintegrated like the mighty power of United Kingdom, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and Pakistan. The secondary interest of state is the protection of their citizens in foreign countries. The state ensures the diplomatic immunities for the diplomatic staff (Krasner, 1978). The government of United State protected the Raymond Davis and secured his release from Pakistan manifested the way of protection of National Interest....
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