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VSRD-IJCSIT, Vol. 1 (3), 2011, 124-133


Adding Intelligence to Internet : Service Web 3.0

Deependra Kr. Dwivedi*, 2Rupa Rani and 3Anju

Today, when we use a web search engine, the engine is not able to really able to understand our search. It looks for web pages that contain the “Keywords” found in our search term. The search engine can’t tell if the web page is actually relevant for our search. With the emerging technology in www, we will be able to sit back and let the internet do all the work for us. A search service can be used to narrow the parameters of the search. The browser then gathers, analyzes and presents the data to you in a way that makes a comparison snap. It can do this because Web 3.0 will be able to understand information on the web. This paper describes a new type of search technology that allows the users to have more interaction and control of their Internet. Keywords : Future Internet, Service Web 3.0, Service Web 2.0, Service Web 1.0, Semantic Web, Internet of Services, Ontology, Wiki, Software Agents.

In 1989, WWW was created as an interface for the internet and a way for people to share the information with one another. The first generation of web i.e. web 1.0 was being used as a library which was a source for information over internet. But we can’t contribute or change the information in any way. Then web2.0 came as a big group of friends and acquaintances. We can still use it to receive information, but we also contribute to the conversation and make it a richer experience. Web 2.0 is an interactive and social web facilitating collaboration between the people. Web 3.0 is the next fundamental change in how websites are created and more importantly how people interact with them. It is broadly referred as Semantic Web. According to Wikipedia, “web 3.0 is a third generation of Internet based web services is collectively consist of semantic web, microformats, natural language search, datamining, machine learning, recommendation agents that is known as Artificial technology or Intelligent Web.”

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Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIMT College of Engineering, G.Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. 2Assistant Professor, Department of Master of Computer Applications, IIMT College of Engineering, G. Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. *Correspondence :

Deependra Kr. Dwivedi et. al / VSRD International Journal of CS & IT Vol. 1 (3), 2011

The world wide web is going to shift its concentration from application users to data. This is the reason why we need to know about the transition from web 1.0 to web 2.0 to web 3.0. “Web 3.0 is the web of Openness. A web that breaks the old silos, links everyone, everything, everywhere, and makes the whole thing potentially smarter.” – Greg Boutan In comparison of web 3.0 & web 2.0 off course, Web 3.0 will be better than web 2.0, because it will contain all that was present in Web 2.0, along with new concepts, new methodologies and most importantly, new applications. But then, the transition that web 2.0 had brought over from web 1.0, was a significant one. Web 3.0 is going to be like having a personal assistant who knows practically everything about you and can access all the information on the Internet to answer any question. As you search the web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you use the web, the more your browser learns about you.

Search engines of the web 3.0 era are supposed to be handle in complex queries, queries typed in very much the way we speak. Something like a user types in a query "I am shifting over from California, to New Jersey and I am searching for accommodation. I am married and have a son and daughter. What would be the cost of living in NJ?". The search engine will fetch...
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