National Ideology

Topics: Sociology, Nation, Malaysia Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: March 16, 2013
From the lesson of Malaysian Studies, we had been picked the topic about the way of the five objectives and the five principles of national ideology to achieve unity in our diary life. From the five objectives and the five principles of national ideology, we are able to know about the history or background of formulation Malaysia and the formulation of the national ideology in Malaysia. Furthermore, we are able to become a good role of Malaysian for the King and Country. We are able to learn moral values with the process of finding the way to achieve the unity with the five objectives and the five principles of national ideology in Malaysia.

The five principles of national ideology and the five objectives are related with unity in a country. What is definition of unity? Unity is the combination or arrangement of parts into a whole; unification. Malaysia is the land of multi-races combining the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other minorities. The unity is an important goal for all countries. Without unity, a country will be exposed to various weaknesses. These weaknesses will causes a country difficult to overcome the problem of vulnerable to a variety of threats from within and outside of the country. Therefore, citizen unity is an essential issue that needs to be taken seriously in strategizing the country’s development and administration so that it could retain and defend its freedom as a country which is sovereign.

Unity will be achieved through the development of strategies and programs aimed at achieving unity in the region, economic, political, and social and cultural education. Unity also can be achieved when people accept and abide by the five objectives and the five principles of national ideology. The national ideology of the country is the arrangement of the principles of community containing citizenship values ​​and social norms that cover all aspects of life in a nation such as religious, cultural, economic, political and legal....
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