National Honor Society

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V. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Use this page to present any additional information you feel the committee should know. Include information regarding special circumstances in your life which affected the data you provided in section 2-4.

I am an extremely active member in my school and community. I am a hard-working student, who enjoys new challenges. I enjoy volunteering because I love to help people. It makes me happy when I see the people smile who I am helping because they appreciate all the hard work I am doing for them. I strive towards high academic performance, and challenge myself to become better. I am a very personable student, who other students feel they can approach and just start up a conversation with. I am kind, fun, and I am always willing to help students who may need some extra help. I am responsible, and always put my all into any activity that I am a part of. I will continue to work to improve myself and I feel that I would be a great asset to the NHS.

VI. PERSONAL STATEMENT – As briefly as possible, explain why you want to become a member of National Honor Society at SPASH.

I wish to become a member of the National Honor Society because of the way it forms the leaders of our school. NHS promotes strong leadership, and community activism in young high school students. I believe I encompass the NHS values in my everyday life. NHS is an amazing program that helps the school and community. I am always looking to challenge and better myself. NHS would help me to accomplish this, by shaping me to become a better role model for all SPASH students. I am a confident, kind, and hardworking student who uses my leadership every day to help the school and community.
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