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Topics: Higher education, Education, Secondary education Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: March 15, 2013
National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) education loan, which was introduced on 1997 under the National Higher Education Fund Corporation Act 1997, has been widely recognized as an effective funding mechanism helping students of higher learning. It is one of the assistance given by the Barisan Nasional government in the effort to spur the country’s education, from pre-school way up to higher education level. According to Ministry of Higher Education, 1.93 million students benefited over the past 15 years since the loan scheme was established. However, the issue of abolishing PTPTN loan is still hotly debated. The opposition is trying to urge the government to write off PTPTN loan as well as set up free education in Malaysia. In our opinion, abolishing PTPTN sounds good but it is not practical and should be preserved since it is a source of hope for students that come from a poor family, as well as, those who failed to obtain scholarships to further their studies. Abolishing PTPTN and giving free education will not only place a burden on the country’s economy, but it will also lower our countries’ education standard since students will not feel obligated to study well. First and foremost, PTPTN should not be abolished as it helps to give hope and fulfill the dream of many students to pursue their tertiary education by solving their financial woe. PTPTN is a mean that enables poor students to finance their studies, as not all students are top scorers and smart enough to get grades which merits scholarships. Abolishing PTPTN loan will simply mean removing one of the means that has made it possible for thousands students to get themselves through tertiary education, where their families could have otherwise not affordable in the first place (Aziff Azuddin,2012). Until to date, many students have completed their studies and graduated because of the PTPTN loan. Without PTPTN loans, students may have to bear the financial burden. They would have to...
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