National Greening Program: a program for both progress and destruction of the environment

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  • Published: September 29, 2013
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National Greening Program: a program for both progress and destruction of the environment

A Library Research Paper
English 2: College Writing in English

English 2
C – 5R

________________, Instructor
March 22, 2013

For a long time, forests have offered a great assistance to our country in many aspects: social, economic, and ecological. People gain benefits from the forests, as forests also gain from them. Years have passed and the people became greedy. They come out to take whatever they could before someone else does; not taking into their minds whatever environmental problems may arise. The society is not aware of how the forests have been there to maintain the equilibrium in the environment for they only took into account the economic benefits they could get from it. It is known to all that most individuals have the tendency to learn the importance of an object only if they would experience a dilemma without that object. The people rarely appreciated the ecological benefits provided by the forests, so they continued to be unreasonable until they have been experiencing drastic environmental problems making them realize that the forest resources are not made to last forever. This awareness has resulted to the government’s decision of protecting what is left to further sustain what the country wants and needs. The government chose a plan that highlights the need to integrate the contributions of the forests to their actions, and that is through the implementation of a rehabilitation projects. With the information of a government agency, President Benigno S. Aquino carried out the Executive Order no. 26 that made the existence of National Greening Program. NGP is a government project that aims to alleviate poverty, to secure, conserve & preserve resources, and to stop the possible negative effects of the occurring climate change. EO 26, together with the EO23, made the Department of...
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