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Topics: North Carolina, Croatan National Forest, Police Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 28, 2013
American Rangelands and Forests

Part 1

Rangeland or Forest LocationBrief History of Rangeland or ForestWhat are current land management problems?What are the current federal land management strategies that address these problems?What is one sustainable effort that should be implemented? American Rangeland or Forest: Croatan National ForestAtlantic coast of North CarolinaEst. July 29, 1936 160,000 acres

Pine Forests,
Raised SwampsPublic access,
Maintain natural resources and the environmentWork with local law enforcement to enforce laws.Raise funds to assist with better security.

The Croatan National Forest is located on the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina. Established on July 29, 1936, the Croatan National Forest sustains pine forests, bogs, and pocosins which are raised swamps. The forest is home to many different species including black bears, alligators, turkey and deer. It is also home to the carnivorous pitcherplant and Venus fly-trap. One of the current land management problems is being able to provide public access while still protecting the forests natural resources. The forest provides many roads that provide access to various parts of the forest. Some of the roads are gated to prevent access during different times of the year, but the gates are not properly maintained and the flat terrain provides easy ways around. Another issue is the many dead end roads that provide easy targets for trash dumping and unregulated shooting. Current regulations provide cooperative agreements with local law enforcement to provide assistance with covering the large portions of roadway that provide temptation to those who would misuse the forests natural resources. One sustainable effort that should be implemented would be to raise more funding to help remodel the gates on roads to prevent unauthorized access. The funds could also be used to hire workers to build ditches at access points that cannot prevent unauthorized personnel...
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