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  • Published: October 23, 2013
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Women today are present in every field of work. Research has consistently indicated strong correlation between diverse senior management and financial performance of organizations, highlighting business benefits from having considerable number of women employees as part of the workforce. The scarcity of global talent has led to many organizations pro-actively doing their best to recognize, retain, and develop women. In India, keeping women employees on the job has proven difficult in a traditional patriarchal society. With the changing work force demography, and the talent war among the companies to attract and retain the best-in-class candidates, Indian companies continue to work on improving existing policies and facilities for women (Nath, 2000). Though there have been claims on IT being a platform for women to enter and succeed in careers, the claim has not been established by any empirical analysis yet (Surya, 2002).

Currently, women make up 42 % of college graduates in India (People Matters 2010). Still, according to U.N. statistics, at 34.2% India’s rate of female participation in the workforce remains the lowest of any of the BRIC countries. To successfully tap into this huge talent pool, professional service providers and other industries alike have to pay special attention to women as a source of educated and employable talent. Back in 2003, the number of women employees in Infosys was only 19% making women a minority in the organization. This impacted not only the organizational culture, but also the policies and support systems setup for employees, key decisions on process improvements and risk assessment.

This paper is a practitioners approach and experience in making their company successful in attracting and retaining women talent. The scope of the paper is limited to actual programs implemented in the work place and does not include mapping the programs to any actual theories existing around women in technology or women and...
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