National Examination, a Determinant for Graduating Students

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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Mu’azzatul faridah
English Department
Topic : National Examination
National Examination??? WHY NOT!!
As we know that the current national examinations still remains as one of the biggest determinants in the graduation of students. Indeed, Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional (Kemendiknas) clarify that the system used is really different from the previous national examination. There is a new determinant of graduation that influences it. Now the students’s graduation is determined by 60% of the student's result of national examination and 40% of rating average of them which is taken from first semester until fifth semester. However students must try hard to get the maximum value in their national examinations. They should make positive strategies in facing of a national examination, so that they are able to pass the national examination well and get a satisfactory grade. There are several tips for students in facing national examination such as, forming group discussion, reproducing the exercise problem (try out) and following the guidance of special learning subjects national examination. To face the national examination, students must be smart in organizing their learning schedule. Because the material of lesson of examination covers materials from first grade until third grade. Besides, the level of difficulty of the material is higher than before. The students can study individually or group. Studying in group or forming group discussion is very useful in facing national examination. The group discussion will be more effectively applied to face the national examination, because group discussion is useful to discuss the material and the problems. Through discussion, students can exchange information, opinions and experiences from their other friends in a group. The group consists of 5 or 7 persons according to your needs, we recommend that members of the group are friends whom you know so well. If it is possible, group members also do not only consist...
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