National English Proficiency Program (Nepp) Best Mentoring Practices National English Proficiency Program (Nepp) Best Mentoring Practices National English Proficiency Program (Nepp) Best Mentoring Practices

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The country’s cry for quality education is not just a new predicament. It has been the goal of educators to raise the low quality of Philippine education but it seems that quality education is impossible to achieve. Different innovations and strategic actions were launched by the government particularly the Department of Education, but because there are several other factors which barricade our quest for quality educcation, success is still but a dream. The key to quality education in any country is the quality of teaching force. This means that a school must not only have educationally qualified teachers but teachers that are truly dedicated and committed to serve the public especially the learners entrusted under their care. The professional development of teachers through their further education and training increases their capability and efficiency in enhancing the educational benefits of the learners. To strengthen the Mentoring Program, different mentoring practices were done in Annafunan Elementary School by the mentor such as: a.Group mentoring in the district and in the division

b. Lac session in the school
c.Invitational demo-teaching
d.Peer teaching and coaching
e.Casual mentoring
f.Co- mentor mentoring
g.One -on -one mentoring of mentor to mentee
Mentoring is a professional journey towards self-realization and transformation. The mentor and mentees work together in the process. The mentor sells brilliant ideas and helps the mentee learn and nurture his potentials. The mentee submits himself to the mentor, trusts his words, and shows willingness to accept innovation and challenges. Together, they dig, nourish and enrich their skills and become better and more effective teachers. There are lots of constraints and ordeals along the way but with the courage, patience, determination of both parties, the mentoring program was very much alive. Finally, the best ingredients of mentoring are...
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