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Nation States

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Cultures and Institutions
Nation: A nation refers to a single ethnic community of people who share a common identity and origin. A nation is a group of people sharing common ancestry, language, and culture. These people also live in a specific territory (Merriam Webster, 2011). Kurds are mostly Muslim people with their own language and culture. The Kurds live in a mountainous region of southwest Asia. This area is also referred to as Kurdistan, "Land of the Kurds" (Washington Post, 1999).

State: A state is a form of political association, a political entity political group existing under a government (Merriam Webster, 2011). States may be sovereign[->0] while many are federal states, participating in a federal union. A familiar example of a state is Texas. Texas is a state in the United States of America. Texas, once an independent nation, became a state and joined the United States in 1845 (, 2012). Once an independent nation with its own president, Texas joined the United States and was then under the government of the United States and no longer under its own rule and presidency and individual government. Texas became a sovereign state in 2009. Nation-state: Egypt and Hungary are considered nation-states. They are considered nation states because they are a nation of people united under a single political government, sharing a common language, common culture, and live in a region with boundaries which outline the states and/or jurisdiction. The United States is a nation state. Although the United States has been referred to as a “melting pot”, it is considered a nation state. American culture encompasses a broad spectrum of nationalities and ethnic groups and combines them into one united culture. English is spoken by over 3/4th of Americans. Spanish is the 2nd language (Gleason, 2011). Most American’s ancestors came from another culture outside of the United States, but they have now come to join the United States, One Nation...

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