Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Great Stone Face

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  • Published : January 2, 2012
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In this paper, every OPINION from someone else has been acknowledge in a parenthetical citation. I realize that the mere presence of a parenthetical citation does not avoid plagiarism. If I have used the exact words, phrases, clauses, or sentences from someone else, I have enclosed that information in quotation marks. If I have paraphrased the opinions of someone else, I have not enclosed the paraphrased portions in quotation marks; but I have stated those opinions in my own words. I have also introduced the paraphrase and have a parenthetical citation to acknowledge the source. ALL FACTUAL INFORMATION (common knowledge or uncontested knowledge), though not credited with a parenthetical citation, has been stated in my sentence structure. I have not used anyone else’s organization of the factual information. Signed:_______________________
Nathaniel Hawthorne And The Great Stone
I. Author Background
A. Early Life
1. Born in Salem, Massachusets
2. His legs were hit while playing “bat and ball” 3. Became lame and unable to walk
4. Due to being lame he was able to read many books and this is when he got his some stories B. Education
1. Attended Bowdoin College
2. Became classmate with Longfellow and President F. Pierce 3. Refused to take public speaking
C. Career
1. Chosen as the American Adviser at Liverpool England
2. Was given the position as a Surveyor in 1846
D. Achievements
1. Anonymously, Hawthorne’s early stories were published 2. In 1837, the publication of twice told tales somewhat lifted this spell of darkness 3. Hawthorne’s short stories became...
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