Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown Research Paper

Topics: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown, Allegory Pages: 4 (1670 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Dec 7th, 2011
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown
Show me who you are and I will show you who I am, Christian belief, family, trust, and good versus evil are author Nathaniel Hawthorne’s muse in his novels. Hawthorne’s writings capture the audience by keeping them entangled in the atmospheres he paints for his readers. He also captures the reader with the message underling in each novel. His novels play on the reader’s morals by putting a religious box around his readers. Readers are able to put themselves in Hawthorne’s writings and say what if? In Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”, the audience is introduced to a young man who is preparing to take a journey into the unknown. Faith, his wife begs him to stay the character is persistent on taking his journey. While Goodman is taking this journey he is accompanied by an older male who by all terms seems to be the devil. Goodman has strong beliefs in his family, community, and most importantly his faith, but this will all become a fleeing thought after his journey with his companion. Although Goodman has strong christened belief and family this is test when his companion through the forest reveals his family to him. As much as Goodman believes in his father and grandfather goodness, it’s hard for him to ignore his companion. This site began to crumble Goodman’s faith in his family and what he had always been taught. He shows Goodman his family as they are ready to act in a veil manner against another. Goodman’s wife Faith is also there among the people carrying out this act. The site of his wife hurts Goodman, he screams to her “Faith, Faith look up to heaven and resist the evil one” (Eastery, 1991), but his screams fall on death ears. As they continue to walk through the forest the companion tells Goodman he has been well acquainted with his family, “I helped your grandfather the constable when he lashed the Quaker woman smartly through the street of Salem,” and he brought his father a” pitch-pine knot,...
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