Nathan Hale

Topics: American Revolutionary War, New York City, Continental Army Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: January 28, 2013
The capture and hanging of Nathan hale

gathering following the American loss of Long Island, Nathan had volunteered to cross enemy lines and gather as much information about the British army in New Work as he could. To do this, hale disguised himself as a Dutch schoolteacher and made his way to New York from Norwalk, Connecticut still being the same schoolteacher he said he was. Samuel Hale, which was one of nathans relative , turned him in after recognizing him in Nathan hale was born on june 6, 1755 in coventry , connecticut. He grew up on his family farm until he was 13 years old and went to Yale University with his older brother .During his enrollment, Hale belonged to a literary fraternity, Linonia, which examined issues of the day such as the ethics of slavery and other academic topics such as astronomy, literature and mathematics.

upon graduation in 1773 , hale was top 13 students in his class and was only 18 years old. later Hale became a scHoolteacher in east Haddam followed by a posting in New london . He taught regular classes but he also offered classes to young women in the town. During his college days , he often spoke upon on his inequality of education between men and women . As Nathan approached graduation, he entertained thoughts of a career in the ministry, as did Enoch. Instead, he fell in step with the custom of the day, which was to fill a void in the public schools. In 1774, he became a teacher at Union Grammar School. Maintained by the gentlemen of New London, Connecticut, hALE SAID ,“Ten are Latinos, and all but one of the rest are writers “

Along with his college days hale expressed love towards his landlord’s niece, Elizabeth Adams, for which two of his classmates teased him. Elizabeth married someone else in 1775, but she apparently preserved a special place within her heart for Hale.


When the Revolutionary war began in 1755 , hale joined the Connecticut militia and was elected First lieutenant....
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