Natalie Babbit

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Byron Eleam
September 13, 2010
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Natalie Babbit, A miraculous and astonishing women, was born July28, 1932 in Dayton, Ohio. During her childhood, she spent most of her time drawing and reading fairy tales and myths. Her mother, amateur landscape and portrait painter, gave her daughter art lessons, and made sure Natalie always had enough of what she needed including a lot of love an encouragement. Natalie grew up only wanting to become an illustrator. She later went on to study art at Lauren school in Cleveland and at Smith College. Soon after she married an academic administrator named Samuel Fisher Babbitt. They both spent the next ten years, in Connecticut, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C, raising there children, Christopher, Tom, and Lucy.

Since then, Natalie Babbitt has illustrated five books. Four of the books Natalie illustrated are poetry and they have been published together in a paperback edition. Natalie did her first full color picture book: Nellie: A Cat on Her Own, it was praised in a starred booklist review as “ a charming fantasy with the same graceful and precise language as Tuck Everlasting”. Natalie at the age of thirty-five, wasn’t really writing then. Natalie really just wanted to be an illustrator. Her husband wrote the story for her first book. At that time she was just going to continue being just an illustrator, but she felt she had to write the stories also.

Natalie never wrote stories when she was young, but she wrote verse from time to time, she also never had the passion to be a writer but she would hurry home from school so she could draw. Natalie was very creative and artistic. She mainly liked reading fairy tales and Greek myths, She really enjoyed those subjects best. Her favorite part of being a writer was the sense of completion. Natalie thinks that description writing is her best fortay in the writing world, and I agree cause she really is a wonderful writer.

Natalie has wrote many books some...
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