Natalie Angier

Topics: Natalie Angier, Natural Obsessions, Writing Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: May 1, 2013
For many centuries , people have been writing about many different subjects. Some may just write fiction for pure entertainment , others may write non-fiction to inform people about a person , place, event, etc. Whether they relieze it or not , a lot of writers impact or influence the world. They can release new information to the public or just give their take on a topic. A lot of the influential people tackle important topics dealing with health, politics, the citizens, or even the world as a whole.

Natalie Angier is a great example of an influential writer. She was born in New York on February 16th , 1958. In college she studied Astronomy and English , at both the University of Michigan and Barnard College. She was hoping to start her own science magazine after college, but instead she was hired to work on one. When she was 22, she became a writer , as well as staff reporter for a science magazine named Discovery. This is not the only job she had at the time though. She also was an editor for the woman's magazine , " Savvy" , a professer of journalism at the New York University in the graduate program of Science and Environmental Reporting. In 1990, she got a big break , writing for New York Times about many different topics involving science. She wrote about animals , from cockroaches to turtles , as well as human issues , such as depression , men's self harm , and bad mothers. Her hard work paid off when ten months after she started writing she recieved a Pulitzer Prize in the category of Beat Reporting for a series of 10 articles she wrote. Her writing has since won her many awards , appeared in many different publications, and has made its impact. She currently, has four books out , Natural Obsessions, The Beauty and the Beastly , Woman : An Intimate Geography, and The Canon : A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science. In the books ,she tackles several different topics. (Natalie Angier)

For her first book , Natural Obsessions, Natalie...
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