Nat Turner

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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No other time in history preserved the terror of slaves owners in the 1831 from the 1831 from south of Virginia like the revolt led by Nat Turner. A group of slaves killed innocent white people. Everyone involved, including Nat Turner, were killed. Nat was the last person caught that was thought to be involved in the plot. Nat Turner was caught and arrested for his involvement. Durind Nat’s time in jail he was interviewed by Thomas R. Gray. Thoms Gray was a lawyer from South Hampton and a slave owner himself. The interview and information that Thomas Gray gathered was used in the trial of Nat Turner.

Thomas Gray talked about how this rebellion had attracted a lot of interest from people and led to lots of inflated and negative news. This was recored as the first time something like this happened in history with a revolt of the slaves. Nat Turner was caught without incident by Benjamin Phipps. Nat Turner was more than ready to let the world know exactly what had happened. Thoms Gray decided to put Nat’s words to print and publish what was told to him. This is considered a true report of Nat’s confessions. Thomas Gray was the only person that had possession over the writing. Nat Turner made no excuses for his behaviour during the revolt. Nat accepted that Thomas Gray’s portal of his admission was free and voluntary. Thomas Gray wanted to stress certain things in his reporting of comments. Thomas Gray wanted to call attention to the whites after the rebellion.

Thomas Gray states that he visited Nat Turner in jail on November 1st. Thomas Gray states that Nat’s confession is in the first person in hopes to replicate Nat Turner’s voice. Nat Turner starts out telling about his childhood and stories about things that happened even before he was born. Nat Turner specified that adults in his live said he would be a psychic because he was aware of things before his birth. Nat Turner’s mother told Nat often that because of his gift and marks found on his body his...
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